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Kelvion LWC Series Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers

When handling critical media, conventionally gasketed plate heat exchangers quickly reach their limits. New applications on the market constantly call for ever-improved solutions. GEA PHE Systems therefore offers you a technological alternative: the LWC (laser-welded cassettes) plate heat exchanger based on Laser-Welded Cassettes. LWC plate heat exchangers are planned and designed for the highest performance and are optimally suited for use in refrigeration engineering, especially with ammonia refrigerants.
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Handle Aggressive Media with Ease

The Laser Welded Cassette is for applications with aggressive media that might exceed the limits

of gasket seals. Well-suited for ammonia applications in:

Ideal for Ammonia-based Systems

Plates are laser-welded in pairs, eliminating the gaskets between them, allowing the use of ammonia and other agressive media that would normally exceed the limits of standard gasketed plate heat exchangers.The greater efficiency of the LWC means a smaller ammonia charge, reducing cost and maintenance.


The right design, not a ”good enough” design. A variety of sizes and plate configurations combine with sophisticated selection software to ensure a perfect customization for your needs. The compact footprint allows you to use it in locations that you wouldn’t dream of with a shell-and-tube heat exchanger.

Now Even More Versatile! We now offer oxygen-free welding, which adds corrosion resistance AND makes it possible to supply such diverse plate materials as C-276, SMO 254, Alloy 686 and numerous others. Contact us for the full list.

Higher Performance at a Lower Cost

Optiwave™ plate corrugations distribute the media evenly across the entire plate width, maximizing heat transfer and minimizing the number of plates (and cost) required.

Peace of Mind

Over 75 years of experience in designing and crafting high performance plate heat exchangers. Independent performance certification through ASME and other programs.

Convenient Maintenance

PosLoc™ plate lead-ins cause the plate pack to self-align when re-installing during maintenance. Ecoloc™ tools-free gaskets make gasket replacement a snap. Individual plates mean no heavy lifting tools. The result is faster, more efficient maintenance, with shorter down times.

Technical Details:

  • Heat Transfer Plate Material: 316 Stainless as standard. Others on request.
  • Gasket: NBR, NBR High Temperature, EPDM, EPDM High Temperature, Viton, and others on request.
  • Port Connection: Metal Lined (Stainless, Titanium and others on request) Welded Neck Flange, and others on request.
  • Pressure Plate: Carbon Steel as standard, others on request.
  • Maximum Pressure: Maximum standard pressure for the refrigerant side is 360 psig (25 bar). Maximum standard pressure is 225 psig (16 bar) for the non-refrigerant side.
  • Temperature Range: Varies with the media and gasket selection. Maximum is 300°F (150°C). Minimum is -49°F (-45°C). Contact us for details.
  • Rated Liquid Flow Rate: LWC100: 682 gpm (155m³/hour), LWC150: 1541 gpm (350m³/hour), LWC250: 3960 gpm (900m³/hour).
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