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Hedland Corrosive Air Flow Meter

Hedland Corrosive Air Flow Meter

Hedland EZ-View Flow Meter

Hedland EZ-View® flow meters provide a lower cost alternative to standard Hedland flow meters. Made from high-impact thermoplastics like polysulfone and Radel®, these variable area meters (rotameters) contain a minimum number of moving parts, offering a reliable, trouble-free flow rate indicator. Fittings, available in brass, stainless steel and PVC, with NPT or BSP ports, allow the meter to be installed in a wide variety of applications. Meters can be used in oil and water processes, with the ability to add a flow switch, which can be used to trigger alarms.
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The Hedland Flow Meter is a variable area (rotameter) instrument. A precision machined, sharp-edged Orifice is located within the piston assembly and forms an annular opening with the contoured metering cone. The piston assembly carries a cylindrical PPS/ ceramic magnet that is magnetically coupled to an external flow Indicator that moves precisely, in direct response to movement of the piston. A calibrated spring opposes flow in the forward direction. This spring decreases viscosity sensitivity and allows the flow meter to be used in any position, including inverted.


  • No electronics needed to obtain a reading
  • Can be installed in any position / orientation without affecting accuracy
  • The most readable product in its class
  • Does not require special plumbing or accessories to stabilize turbulent flow
  • Magnetic coupling eliminates the need for mechanical linkages that wear, loosen and leak over the functional life of competitive meters
  • Custom scale options to meet exact application requirements
  • Material options for standard or more aggressive fluid media


  • Direct reading
  • Internal spring
  • Easier-to-read linear scale
  • No flow straighteners or special piping required
  • Relatively insensitive to shock and vibration
  • Special scales available
  • Polysulfone and Radel® R materials


  • Size: 1/2...3 in.
  • Temperature Range: 32…250 °F
  • Flow Range: 0.5…275 gpm
  • Pressure Range: Up to 325 PSI
  • Accuracy: (full-scale ±5 %)