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E-Series® Ultrasonic Plus Meters: Control. Measure. Deliver


E-Series® Ultrasonic Plus Meters: Control. Measure. Deliver.


Badger Meter’s E-Series Ultrasonic Plus meter is the premiere product when controlling water flow is just as important as measuring it. It combines accurate flow measurement with remote flow control, to keep operational costs down, enabling greater customer service.

With the E-Series® Ultrasonic Plus meter, utilities have three valve positions available to control flow: open, partial and restricted. These options enable the product to be an excellent choice for a variety of applications including:

  • Seasonal homes
  • Multi-tenant buildings
  • Water conservation
  • Non-payment customers
  • Emergency situations

Features and Benefits

  • Ultrasonic technology design minimizes the need for maintenance and provides long-term accuracy compared to mechanical meters
  • Patented gate valve design integrated into the lay length, eliminating the need for cut-ins
  • Provides remote access without requiring a truck roll—a safe, efficient, cost-savings solution
  • The remote valve eliminates the cost associated with sending a technician into the field, saving your utility $150 to $300 per year in shutoff service costs
  • Visibility of valve status at any time in BEACON® SaaS
  • Ability to actuate meters individually or in batches

Product Requirements

  • BEACON® SaaS
  • ORION® Cellular Endpoint
    • Compatibility includes LTE-M, LTE-MS, C, CS, HLA, HLAS and HLC
    • Firmware Version 2.0 and higher

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