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Dynasonics Series DXN Portable Ultrasonic Transit Time/Doppler Flow Meter

Hybrid Doppler and Transit Time meter automatically switches and selects best technology as needed. High-tech product includes touch screen interface, full-color graphing, and wizard-based start-up and configuration. Clamp-on transducers and hand-held, touch screen system provides users with fast and easy installation. Applications: Portable flow measurements on clean, solids-bearing, or gaseous liquids in closed full pipes size ½" (12 mm) and higher.
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The DXN Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter is a true hybrid ultrasonic flow meter, capable of measuring liquid flow with multiple technologies, including: Doppler, Transit Time and Liquid Thermal (Heat Energy) Flow. DXN is also compatible with a pipe wall thickness gauge, used to verify inside pipe diameter and ensure highly accurate ultrasonic measurements when piping details are unknown or unavailable. The DXN has a number of advanced features that allow the user to obtain accurate readings while capturing flow surges and high-speed batch operations. DXN captures and records multiple application parameters at one time with an easy-to-use data logging function and provides the power to verify and troubleshoot permanent flow installations with ease.


  • TRUE HYBRID instrument switches automatically between transit time and Doppler measurement as needed
  • Take control of your reading with the industry's only advanced touch-screen interface featuring job-specific controls
  • Always have your data on hand with user-customizable site-specific parameters, 1 GB internal data logging, and USB connectivity for additional storage capability
  • Take more accurate readings with superior measurement processing speed (over 50 flow readings per second)
  • Built to handle rigorous environments with an outdoor-readable full color WVGA display and protective cover
  • Easy to read flow measurement screens
  • Multiple graphing options and advanced diagnostics
  • Full touchscsreen keyboard for more efficient data input