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Badger Concrete MODEL25 RCDL Meter with PFT-1E TRANSMITTER


Badger Concrete Accessories

Badger Concrete TURBO/BUTTERFLY VALVE Water Batching Systems

Badger's TURBO/BUTTERFLY VALVE water batching system is designed to control and measure the water batching process in concrete batch plants, block plants, prestress concrete batch plants or whatever there is a need for water batching. Available in four line, sizes 2", 3", 4" and 6", for up to 2,000 GPM.

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The Badger® Turbo Meter is available in sizes 2" - 6" and is ideally suited for water metering and batching in ready-mix applications.  The Turbo Meter can be combined with the PFT-4E Transmitter and an electronic solenoid-controlled butterfly valve.  With the PFT-4E, calibration of the Turbo Meter is fast and easy, using Badger's innovative rotary switches. This combination can be retrofitted to many existing systems or connected to Badger's CB-20 Programmable Batch Controller.